Acupuncture Weight Loss

Weight loss Treatment with Acupuncture

You have so far come to know what is acupuncture, its use, acupuncture specialist, acupuncture schools, etc. You may also like to know on which ailments and diseases this treatment is used. I am going to give a brief description about it in the next sections. Here I am going to discuss about weight loss, how acupuncture helps in weight loss. I hope this will help you. Acupuncture therapy as you know uses needles for treatment of ailments and diseases. For weight loss also it uses needles. Injecting acupuncture needles on the surface of the skin into different parts of the body aids in losing weight by giving the individual a satisfaction of well being which may repress the wish for overeating food. Acupuncture can also initiate metabolism and thereby facilitate the body to use food proficiently instead of accumulating it as fat. Acupuncture Points to cure Obesity. There are specific points used for every patient and each cure depends on a numerous individual factors. The acupuncture physician or acupuncturist decides which spots should be used looking at the patient’s fat distribution, emotional position, eating practice and various other factors.

Weight Control Ear Staples: The exercise of using staples in the ear to control weight is an American innovation, which actually a blunder and is often useless and dangerous. Only two points – one in the upper outer part of your right and left ear – are utilized by this technique in contrast to the ten or twenty points take up in standard acupuncture treatments, so the effects can be digastrics if not preceded with outmost care. There were cases of individuals having permanent holes in the higher parts of their ear as the consequence of contaminated staples with sloughing. For these causes, certified acupuncturist never recommends the use of ear staples for weight cutback treatment. So if you are thinking of acupuncture weight loss then you should consult an acupuncture specialist for he knows the best for you. I will be publishing more on the ailments where acupuncture is used. Meanwhile browse through our next sections for more information.